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SkilledHub- The fastest and easiest way of finding Skilled Professionals

Do you really consider dusting off the Yellow Pages at home when you need to look for a skilled contractor? Or do you prefer sticking to the local newspaper?

Today, mobile integration and the constant need to stay connected to the internet have people looking at their smart phone screens when they need something. This can even be a plumber to fix a leaky sink or an estate attorney to help develop an estate plan. Nevertheless, this automatically indicates that instead of looking around the newspaper, you are more likely to Google the service you need. But unfortunately, at times, that doesn’t deliver satisfactory results either.

SkilledHub is a professional business directory that offers you a convenient platform to scout for professional skilled services in the easiest possible manner. The platform is completely free for visitors and assures that you can secure just the service you need in the least amount of time.

Are you still wondering why you should look around our website when you need professional skilled services? Here are a few reasons:

  • The best part about SkilledHub is that you don’t need to waste your time and energy flipping pages. All the professional skilled service providers are already categorized and waiting to be contacted by you.

  • The website offers easy navigation so that you don’t have to do much of the work. You can select the nature of services you need and then select your location to get the most relevant matches.

  • With the online appointment booking feature, you can setup an appointment with whatever service you like in just a matter of minutes.

  • Customers can also leave reviews and ratings to make decisions easier for other visitors.

These are just a few reasons why you should consider creating your SkilledHub account today!

Skilled Trades Jobs Booming!

There appears to be a new job boom beginning. Many of the careers that are becoming available have starting wages at $15 to $17 per hour. Many of the trade schools are having employers head hunt for students before they even graduate. This is a sign for a solid market in skilled trade jobs.

Tradespeople are highly skilled and hardworking professionals. They have an entrepreneurial mind set that is helping them gain recognition that they have needed for a long time. Their field is highly in demand around the world, it requires a lot of skill to be a tradesperson.

Even though you paid an arm and a leg for getting a project done around your house or a new part installed in your vehicle, well…. Just wait… pretty soon you may have to finance simple jobs like changing brake pads…

The great loss of the skilled trades people in the near future since many of the baby-boomers will be retiring will directly lead to higher costs. If you thought prices were too high… just wait… you ain’t seen nothing yet. The prices for getting any type of job done by a skilled trades person is going to way too overpriced since there will only be a few players in the field and they can charge whatever they want and people will have to pay to get the work done. The less the players in the field the higher the companies can charge. This is ridiculous, but true. You can see this when you go to a grocery store with lots of a particular product and you have more selection based on quality and price. That is why many people prefer to shop large grocery stores/supercentres since they have the cheapest prices and largest selection. People need to be able to have a choice of skilled trades person when trying to get a job done

How do I fix that Leaky Faucet? If I do not learn it may never get fixed… Reality in the near future!

The skilled trades industry is going through a dramatic change that will affect our daily lives. Many of the experienced baby-boomer skilled trades people are beginning to retire and there is going to be a large void to fill, since we are losing more skilled trades people than we are gaining. I don’t know about you but how handy are you? And how handy are your kids? Do you know how to hang a piece of drywall or change your oil? If not, you maybe in for a rude awakening, something needs to happen to help the skilled trades industry. We need to make sure that the skilled trades live on, because I do not know about you, but I may have to go back to school to make sure that I know how to fix that leaky faucet.